Giving Back to Society

It’s not just all about commercials, I try to contribute to this society as much as I can. Whether it’s a Local Meetups or Arranging Seminar for free, or just help NGOs with the help of my skills.

HAI Foundation

HAI is a not for profit organization under the Indian Trusts Act, founded by a team of humanitarian and development professionals with a collective global experience of over 300 years. The organizational purpose is to establish a global aid institution founded and headquartered in India to extend effective and efficient humanitarian assistance and invest in sustainable and resilient development to eradicate poverty and hunger.

YAI Foundation

Y.A.I.F aims for Rape Free India. Mr. Piyush Monga along with his 2 companions, together are on a “Cycle Campaign” covering 50000+ km to bring off the real motto wherein they conduct awareness programs especially in the rural areas of the country, which is still ongoing. They work for the cases involving injustice done to women such as rape cases, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and also child abuse, child marriages, and fake rape allegation. They understand the misery of victims and provide legal aid to them. Moreover, they provide counseling sessions to help them get out of their pain.

Local Meetups

Varanasi FOSS meetup is a community of Open Source enthusiasts, who love to learn and share. They organize meetups about various open-source technologies, all across Varanasi for free. They promote free & open internet, and inclusivity.