STOP ! Don't build your website

Hey there, Yes you heard it right, Don’t build your website until and unless you don’t know these 5 very important things. Before knowing those 5 Super important things you started to create a website for your business, which means you are just wasting your time, effort, and of course your money too…

Websites are one of the key ways to interact/convey your Business idea/Your vision and mission to your potential customer or to reach your mass audiences. So the website should provide you a better ROI (Return on Investment) rather than just costing you money and human resources.

Enough talking, let’s understand what are all those 5 Supper Important things you should know before creating your websites.

target audience

1. Your target audience...

Every web design should connect to its audience. You probably identified your target audience during your market segmentation. But, do you know who they are?

Why Do You Need A Target Audience?

According to Google, great marketing begins and ends with the audience. But if you want great conversion, it begins and ends with marketing to the right audience.
Focusing your website’s message, advertising promotions, and content to your identified audience filters out unnecessary traffic and entices high potential leads

Why Do You Need A Target Audience?

They are the intended group whom you want to reach and convert into paying customers. Most businessmen and marketers are blind to their real target audience.
Most of them say,

People who want to buy my merch’, ‘Everyone’, ‘Males’, “Women.

If you answer the same, this might cause your business at risk.

You can identify your target audience by asking these questions:

1. Who are they?

2. What’s their demographic (age, education level, profession, location)?

3. What’s their most pressing issue, problem, or desire?

4. How does your product solve their problem?

If you want to further specify your target audience, answer this questionnaire created by Hubspot.

Your marketing message

2. Your marketing message...

Having a clear brand message can be the difference between attracting or confusing a potential customer.  What good are your digital marketing efforts if your potential customers are confused about what you do? The likelihood of them converting into a customer is pretty low if they don’t understand how you help them.

3 Steps to Clarify Your Message

What does your company offer?
Not only does it need to be blatantly obvious what your company provides, but it also needs to be obvious how that aligns with what your customer wants.

How does it make your customer’s life better?
You need to show how you fit into your customer’s story (not the other way around) and answer the questions they have as they search for products and services like yours.

How can your customers buy your product or service?
You need to hand the user a roadmap of what it looks like to do business with you. And that means clear calls to action: ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Call Now,’ ‘Schedule a Meeting,’ ‘Start Free Trial,’ etc. If prospects have taken the time to read about your products or services, make sure they know exactly what they need to do next.

The purpose of your website

3. The purpose of your website...

The purpose of a website is to turn visitors into prospects. And the way to do this is to identify the major user types visiting your site, speak to their needs, and give them a clear action step to take next.
People and companies create websites for different purposes:

  • Selling products and services,
  • Posting and finding information on the Web,
  • Gaining knowledge,
  • Communicating with each other,
  • having fun, etc.

Everyone finds a good reason to create a website! But in general, we can say that the websites are being created to offer a useful service that others will use. It can even be free, although if this is something really cool, you can always make money on it!

How site will make you money

4. How your site will make you money...

After understanding above points now, it’s time to identify how your website will make you money, because ” Hey! You are creating website which make you money not cost you money”.

There are several methods by which you can earn from your website.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Products and Services
  • Donation
  • Selling Ads
  • Sponsored Post
  • Generating Leads
  • Subscription and Membership
Website Brand Identity

5. Your Brand Identity...

A brand identity is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to people. It is a way to communicate with the world, differentiate yourself from your competition, and create a brand experience that encourages people to engage with you.

A strong brand identity doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just pick a few colors and slap together a logo. You need to approach your design strategically. This requires deep thinking, a team with strong communication and design skills, and an intimate understanding of your brand.

The good news is that while this may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. With the right guidance, you can move through the process effectively and produce a truly great brand identity. Luckily, we can provide that guidance.


Your website shouldn’t be for show, it shouldn’t be something you think you should have… It’s the hub of the sales funnel… It should make you money, Not cost you money.

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